Halibut and Salmon Charters

Long Range Charters

Long Line Cod CharterFishing Utopia, far beyond the tourist destinations this is where the serious fisherman puts a checkmark on a really big box.  This trip is not for the faint-hearted bordering on the Gulf of Alaska but delivers the best scenery Alaska has to offer and lands over the path of multiple species; Halibut, Giant Lingcod and Yellow Eye.  Let's face it, if this was your local fishing hole, these monsters wouldn't be there.

Trophy Fishing Charter

This is called the long-range trip and because it's approximately 3 hours each way and it's a coveted destination for the most serious anglers.  This trip requires a minimum purchase of a full day Halibut or Salmon trip in the event we are not able to make the long-range trip due to weather.  This trip is weather and tide permitting (believe me if the Captain says no-go) it is in your best interest.

Long Range Halibut

On Thursdays, we offer a slightly cheaper version of this excursion due to specie restrictions.

10-12 Hour trip $400 per person includes bait, tackle state of the art equipment and fillet of your catch

This trip targets Lingcod, Yellow Eye, Black Bass, Halibut and a variety of other rock fish.

Offered July 1st through August 31st. only




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