Halibut and Salmon Charters

Large Capacity Vessel

Halibut Boat

Full day halibut June-August $295 per person $275 May and September. max 12 passengers unless booking the whole boat. We can accommodate up to 18 passengers. This trip is 6-10 hours.

Trophy Halibut $345 per person with a 10 passenger max unless booking the whole boat. This is a 10-12 hour trip.

3/4 day charter $195 Per person with a max of 14 clients unless booking the whole boat. We can accommodate up to 18 passengers. This trip is approximately 5-6 Hours. This is a great trip for those concerned about sea sickness or not wanting a long day on the water. In full disclosure large halibut like in our photos are very unlikely on this trip. There is typically a lot of fish caught from 10-25 pounds.  This trip is ideal for those on limited time, wishing to stay in local waters and traveling with kids and first time anglers wanting to get their feet wet.

Speed - 24 knots cruise

Stability - Multihull design

Space - over 300 sq. ft. of deck

Comfort - full heated cabin

The Revolutionary Hull Design of the “O'Fish'ial Business"
is designed from the bottom up for comfort, speed and spaciousness. The boat is built based on a Stolkraft Hull, a combination of catamaran and trimaran. The beauty of this high tech hull design is great speed with a smooth ride even in rough water, leaving very little wake behind. She's powered by twin 465 H.P. Yanmar diesels  through surface drives  means we can cruise to the fishing grounds at over 22-25 knots (half again the speed of other boats her size). Another benefit is that the hull design allows for much more deck space (almost 300 sq. feet) than a conventional monohull resulting in more elbow room for you to fish in total comfort.

"the Stolkraft hull is proven the most significant advance in marine hulls of this century."
Renowned naval architect, Dr. Peter van Oossanen, director of Marine Institute of Rotterdam

"The result is a smooth shock-free ride which eliminates the pounding in high speed travel over rough waters...Not only can you cruise at a high speed in rough water, but you can get home fast without complaining about the pounding."

John King, President of High Speed Marine Ltd., producers of numerous Stolkraft pleasure boats in Vancouver, Canada


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