Halibut and Salmon Charters

Halibut & Salmon Charters

Halibut Salmon Combo Charter

The Cook Inlet boasts Alaska’s fishing at it’s finest!  I’d challenge an angler to call us and tell us where they’d caught more variety, bigger specie fish in the same outing (so I can visit and do the same!).  Homer is known as "the halibut capital of the world" but the fact is we have multiple species of Salmon in our fresh and salt waters all year long! The key to the freshest tasting Salmon is to catch them in the salt water before their run begins where their marbled fat content and their 'wild caught' taste are complemented by perfect coloring.  The most notorious and sought out King Salmon spend their youth voraciously feeding in our Bays to fatten up for future river spawning.

Local Halibut/Salmon Combo
Shoulder season April, May, September, and October Full Day: $325
Peak Season June 1st-August 31st: $350

Halibut Salmon Family Trips

This year we’ve caught a some trophy Ivory Salmon that are amazing in flavor.  Collecting both your limit of Halibut and Salmon on our Charters ensures you go home a trophy angler and it is the goal we set for each and every launch!



2019 - Halibut limit:

This year there is a two fish per day limit. If you chose to keep two fish on the same charter you can keep one fish of any size and the second would need to be 28" or under. Our primary goal will be to make sure your grab the largest fish possible. A new four halibut per season limit has also been added this year. This means that for those who want to fish multiple days we recommend targeting on one large halibut per day. Additionally 2019 regulation do not allow for halibut fishing on all Wednesdays as well as the following Tuesdays 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/5, and 8/12. We will be offering Salmon or Salmon/Rockfish Charters. These changes to the halibut fishing regulations will effect fishing from Homer to Seward and everywhere in-between.

Halibut and Salmon Charter



Daily King Salmon:

1-2 per day  zone we are fishing.

King (Chinook) Salmon:

April through September: 5 per season.  Peak season for these larger spawning salmon runs from May through the middle of July. However we catch Kings all year long. There is no annual limit October through March. Homer's Annual Winter King Derby held in the last weekend of march

Daily Silver (Coho) Salmon:

No seasonal limit, but there is a daily limit of 3.  Silver salmon are more mild than King Salmon, but their filled with fight and a blast to catch. Therer is some overlap with Silvers and Kings. The Silver Salmon begin their run in Late July and continue through August

Daily Max Salmon:

6 total salmon per day with no more then 2 being King Salmon and no more then 3 being Silver Salmon.


Trophy Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips