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The Big Halibut Fishing Charters Record

The halibut record fish came in at 327 lbs....Will you be our next record setter?  2016 was a great year with exceptionally 'meaty' Halibut and we had big days pulling multiple fish onto the boat from 50-110 lbs. With a few in the 200 pound range! Halibut can be caught in many other places but the limits are restrictive and the average halibut is much smaller yielding less meat for the catch.  It’s important to us that you take as much of your catch home with you to eat, share and enjoy during your stay!

Two Halibut Trophy Fish

2017 Promotion: if you can beat our existing 327 lb. halibut heavy weight the trophy angler's trip will be on us!  We take pride in our trophy trips and enjoy BEING PART OF THE FUN of your experience! Why-because again we love trophy fish hunts and we make your day a fun, memorable experience!

"This fish does not need to be killed to qualify, we can measure on the side of the boat and calculate weight"

Full day Halibut fishing charters 6-8 hours, 6-pack boats run $275 per person and stays within 30 miles of the harbor.

Our Trophy Halibut fishing trip ventures 45-60 nautical miles out for a full day of 9-11 hours $325 per person.

Just bring your fishing license, warm clothing, lunch, and be prepared for an arm and shoulder workout; large Halibut tend to get a little angry!  Bait, tackle, and state of the art gear provided.

NO fuel surcharges or hidden fees here and we'll fillet your catch!



Trophy Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips