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Alaska Bear Viewing

Alaksa Bear on the Beach

Our Alaska bear viewing trips feature the  coastal brown bear. This amazing creature of  Alaska evokes a complicated mix of  respect, love  and  fear in humans. Weighing up to 1200 pounds  with six-inch claws, with the  speed  and  power  to bring  down a moose  single-handedly, the emotions of fear and respect are easy to understand. The love  comes from their majestic  appearance, their intelligence  and  the  capacity of the  cubs  to be amazingly cute.
While there many  air charter tour  operators offering bear  viewing tours, we at BigHalibut.com offer a 28 ft Offshore  Alumaweld boat with a  passenger  capacity of 6 outfitted  with all the  latest safety equipment.

Traveling  by boat is a more  leisurely  way to travel and there  are  viewing opportunities  for  other Alaskan wildlife - including whales,orcas, dolphins, sea otters, black bears, bald eagles, puffins and  other  sea  birds. We  have  the boat and  the time to spend  observing and  photographing any of these species  we  encounter. We take  only  small groups (6  maximum). If  you  have a  party of  only one  or two, we frequently have  other individuals who we  can place  you  with.

There  is  no hectic  schedule  or plane  to catch. You may stay as  long as  you like. There are  optional activities which you may  add on to your  bear  viewing  adventure:

Razor  clam harvesting

These delicious clams are found in abundance of the  west  side of Cook Inlet  near  the  bear  viewing  area. Harvesting  them is  currently prohibited on the  Kenai Peninsula.

Salmon fishing

There  are  creeks  in the  area of Chinitna bay which have  salmon runs during the  months  of  July and  August. You  can  fish  them from the  river bank or  in the  salt  water from  the  boat

Halibut fishing

En route to Chinitna you  pass over the  best spots  for  halibut in this  region. You  can  try  your  luck fishing for these  monsters of the  deep.

Beach picnic

You  can picnic on a  remote beach with  spectacular views complete with fish or  clams cooked  over  an open  fire by  your  crew. For those who  do not  eat  seafood, other  menu items can be  provided  by our  local caterer.

The  bears  are  found in large  meadows grazing on sedge grasses throughout  May and  June. As  the  summer  progresses, they  remain in the  same  area  and  shift their  diet  to  clams and  salmon entering  the  small creek that  winds  through the  meadows. It is  a highly reliable location to spot  bears. We  have never  failed  to see bears on one of  our trip and have  seen as  many as  30 in the  meadows on one  trip.  The  viewing  areas are  wide open with great  visibility, and  on a  clear  day
the  massif of  Mount  Iliamna (one of  our  active  volcanos) makes  a  spectacular backdrop .

Best Alaska Bear ViewingThese are  wild bears and  there are no  fences to separate  humans  from them. Your  security comes from traveling in a  group. Bears  do not attack groups of  humans. Also these  bears  co-exist throughout  the  summer with Park visitors and  are used  to people. In the highly improbable event that a bear  should  act  aggressively, your  guide is armed and  experienced in  bear  behavior and the use of  deterrents.

Base tour is $390 and is approximately 5-8 hours long depending on how long you want to stay.  Upgrades are available listed above.


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