Come Halibut fishing with Big Bear Halibut Charters for the catch of a lifetime. We’re located on the Homer Spit in Homer Alaska, the halibut fishing capital of the world! We have been fishing for halibut in Homer Alaska for over 33 years and have the knowledge and experience to catch your limit every time. Our friendly, knowledgeable captains are USCG licensed and our boats are regularly inspected as well as recently renovated to insure you have a safe, and comfortable halibut fishing trip.
We know when searching for an Alaska halibut charter it can be difficult to choose who to go with. What kind of charter you want; do you want a halibut, halibut lingcod, or halibut salmon etc? Thats why we specialize in tailoring Alaska vacations to fit exactly what you're looking for. So whatever your Alaska fishing needs are, Big Bear Halibut Charters can make them happen. Whether you are looking for a full day halibut charter, a full day multi-species charter, or a multiple day charter.
Whether you have saved for years to go on the ultimate fishing adventure or you return to Alaska every year, you will want to spend your time and money wisely. Our focus at Big Bear Halibut Charters is giving our customers the best possible Alaska fishing trip for their money. Alaska fishing is incredible and very different from most other places in the world.

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Success here is not about getting bites or even catching your limit, although you will. In most cases it’s not even about catching the biggest fish of your life. Small halibut are often bigger than any fish you’ve ever caught. Alaska halibut charters often use bait bigger than fish kept on charters in other parts of the country! Success for us is not even about multiple hook ups. At times, we will have every angler on the boat with a 20-pound fish on the line, and that will be a signal to us that it is time to move to a better spot to get to the bigger fish.

Our goal is to give you the best possible fishing experience of your life. Alaska’s waters are still full of big fish and we target them by going beyond where the bulk of the other charters are willing to go. To Big Bear Halibut Charters it is worth going the extra mile and spending the extra time to catch quality fish for our customers. We don’t wear you out reeling up small fish until you decide to keep a couple and go home. We go the distance, so you have the best chance possible of catching the bigger fish.

Homer Alaska's Abundant Wildlife

One of the greatest things about Alaska fishing is the beauty that surrounds you while you are waiting for your next fish. Alaska’s snow-capped mountains and lush green hill sides are spectacular. You will be spending the day in Alaska’s unspoiled natural beauty. For most of the summer, whales can be seen feeding and playing around you. Many other marine mammals and sea birds will be seen everyday. One day, we had a seabird land on the boat and sit in our customer’s lap – see the photos –the wildlife is abundant and captivating.

Our name is Big Bear Halibut Charters, however we also target many other species on combo trips. We catch many trophy Lingcod, Rockfish, and, of course, Salmon. We use different tackle and techniques for each species. We supply all the equipment and instructions to enable our customers to both hook up and land all types of trophy fish. Our knowledgeable captains and crew are both patient and courteous. They are happy to assist you, as needed, to ensure a great time. We do all the dirty work!

Our crews enjoy fishing with both the “Avid Fishermen” and “First Timers”. Fishing for each species is different, so we will take the time to explain how and make it easy for you. So don’t be afraid if you have never caught a fish before - women and rookies often catch the biggest fish of the day.

Homer Alaska Combo Fishing Trips

One of our favorite fishing trips, is the Ling Cod fishing trip. Ling Cod are super aggressive eating machines. We have had big Ling Cod attack our lures with a 20-pound halibut still sticking out of its mouth, obviously not because it is hungry, but rather they can’t resist the urge to attack.

Other times you may reel up two or three of these “bad boys” at once. One on the hook and others biting onto your fish! Ling Cod fishing is both fast and furious, with many multiple hook ups. It’s a lot of work for the crews, but it is an absolute blast for our customers and that’s what is most important to us. The limit for Ling Cod is two per person with a minimum length of 35 inches. We catch many Ling Cod pushing the 80 pound mark. This is truly a trip you will never forget. Ling Cod season in Alaska opens July 1st.

We also catch some incredible Rock Fish, both Black Rock Fish and Yellow Eyes. They are a blast to catch! Yellow Eyes are my wife’s favorite because of the firm lobster like texture and the mild white meat. Like all of Alaska’s cold water fish, they are very healthy, high in Omega 3s and great tasting.

Spacious Comfortable Boats

Our Boats are both 37-foot Tollycraft Yachts. They are extremely safe and very stable. They are powered by new twin high efficiency Volvo Penta diesel engines. The 620 hp provides both speed and comfort.They are quiet and smoke free. You can easily walk aboard our boats without having to climb over the side. Our spacious comfortable cabins are furnished with soft leather sofas, so if you are worn out from fishing you can take a nap on the way home. The fishing area or “Cockpit” is both roomy and safe. Our boats have clean private restrooms or “Head”. For your convenience, we provide soft drinks and bottled water, as well as hot coffee and snacks. We do not allow any illegal drugs or hard liquor on board.

For bragging rights, you will want to get a good photo of your catch. We bring your catch back to the boardwalk and hang them nicely so photos can be taken. Unlike some charters, we are proud of the fish we catch, day in and day out.

Many of our trips are to the famous Barren Islands and beyond. The only crowds there are the fish! Other trips include Pearl Island, East Chugatch Island, Gore Point, K.Bouy, etc. We make long trips but generally fish close to shore.

When choosing your summer adventures, consider seeing the unspoiled beauty of Alaska and fishing with Big Bear Halibut Charters. We are located on the famous Kenai Peninsula, on the spit in Homer Alaska. Homer is a harbor town nestled into the lush green hillside along Katchemak Bay. Homer is the “Halibut Capital of the World”.

  • Camera, film, batteries, memory chip
  • Sun screen, motion sensitivity medication
  • Any necessary prescription medications
  • Rain gear
  • Layered clothing and a hat for rain or shine
  • Lunch
  • Rubber boots or soft-soled shoes
  • A valid Alaska fishing license – sold at our shop – for fishermen 16 or older
  • A good night’s rest
  • A good attitude and a sense of humor – let’s have fun and catch fish

  • Illegal drugs
  • Hard-soled shoes (slippery and leave marks on the deck)
  • Hard alcohol
  • Fire arms
  • Electronics, such as computers and video games
  • A hang over

  • Baked goods and coffee in the morning at the shop
  • Snacks and beverages on the boats (soft drinks, bottled water, hot coffee)
  • All of the necessary fishing gear and tackle
  • Clean and safe vessels/including all safety gear
  • Coast guard licensed/and CPR-certified Captains
  • Courteous fun loving Captains and crews
  • Free fish filleting
  • Discounted fish processing
  • Free flash freezing
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